Tomatin 10 years old, Official Bottling
Distilled 2009, Verdejo Cask, Bottled 2020
61.2% abv, 360 bottles

Highly collectible limited edition whiskies are being released exclusively for Whisky Journey Ticket Holders.  These will be available for tasting and purchase at various destinations around your journey.

What do you get when you take an award winning Highland single malt whisky, finish it for 1 year and 9 months in a recharred French Oak cask that previously held Verdejo, and bottle it at cask strength?  A little piece of magic! This whisky is a peach patisserie that has been sprinkled with sweet almonds in a glass.  Bottling at a cask strength of 61.2% gives a wonderful richness to this whisky and a sumptuous texture.  Adding water makes the peach notes really come alive.

Available at Wala Wala Café Bar